Our Capabilities & Equipment


Weldon Plastics Corporation provides plastic injection production molding and prototype work. We specialize in small to medium size production quantities. Our injection presses range from 33 to 85 tons of clamping force and 0.5 oz to 6 oz shot sizes.

Our Equipment list is as follows:

 Quality Assurance

  • Certified Inspection Equipment
    • Zeiss C400 1532-15 C.N.C. Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Starret Sigma Optical Comparator with Quadra-Chek D.R.O.
    • Taylor/Hobson Surface Finish Tester
    • 4’ x 8’ Granite Surface Plate
    • Additional gauges and Measuring Instruments  

Molding Equipment
Molding Presses:

  • Cincinnati Milicron 85 ton 6oz. Horizontal clamp molding machine
  • Nissei 40 ton 3oz. Horizontal clamp molding machine
  • Cincinati Milicron 33 ton 3oz. Horizontal clamp molding machine



Auxillary Exuipment:

    • Conair dryers with vacuume loaders
    • Cactus dryer
    • Bryair dryer
    • Conair granulators
    • Nelcore granulator
    • 3500 lb. forklift


    In addition, we also have facilities for producing and maintaining injection molds. Argo Tool Corporation, our parent company, is ready to carefully maintain your tooling regardless of who manufactured it. Argo Tool's specialty is the design and manufacture of injection molds, as well as the production of short run, high precision machined parts.


Weldon Plastics Corporation Founded 1988